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May 2018


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Hardware, Electricity & Hi-Fi

Baillifard Veuthey electricity

+41 27 775 3434
Rue de Verbier 59, Case Postale 39, 1936 Verbier (Show Map)

Your partner in electrical appliances for Verbier and Bruson.

Baillod SA Electricite

+41 27 775 3838
Rue de la Poste, 1936 Verbier (Show Map)

An electricity company active for more than 40 years, Baillod SA is able to advise you on your new facilities, renovation projects and the selection of your appliances.

Bang & Olufsen

+41 27 771 8406
Square Poste, 1936 Verbier (Show Map)

Luisier-Colombari SA

+41 27 771 7070

Net'audio SA

+41 27 771 8406

Quincaillerie - Outillage

+41 27 771 3239

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Verbier Directory

Mountain Radio Verbier

Live streaming radio from our friends at Mountain Radio.


Verbier / Val de Bagnes

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