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April 2018


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Verbier sports centre fire

09/06/2017. Verbier.com

Massive fire in the Verbier sports centre just after lunch.


Just after 13.00 pm a fire broke out in the Verbier sports centre.

Verbier sports centre fire 9th June 2017.
A massive fire and explosion have ripped the Verbier sports centre apart.
Thankfully no one hurt in the fire, but the sports centre renovation has been taken back to day 1.
The Centre sportif restaurant, indoor pool and ice rink have been burnt to the ground. The rear tennis courts are also burnt, and substantial damage to the new sports hall.

Saturday mornng the fire brigade are still spraying water, and try to make the area safe for the fire inspectors. 





Verbier sports centre fire

Actual explosion caught on camera (c)verbier.com

Post Update - The ice rink restaurant and indoor pool are 100% gone, the rear tennis courts are burnt. The new sorts hall is defiantly damaged from the fire. Outdoor pool - The outdoor pool water pumps and cleaning equipment are located in the main building which has burnt down, so currently there is no way to clean the water for the outdoor pool.

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