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April 2018


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Verbier alp en fête


Verbier alp en fête 24th July 2017.


The Verbier Alp en fête is a celebration on the mountains, located by the Marmotte restaurant in Verbier.(Alpage des Grand-Plans, Les Planards).


Cow fighting



It’s a very traditional Swiss day, cow fighting (Combat des Reines), cheese, wine, local products, BBQ and more wine.


What is Swiss cow fighting? Basically, the cows are matched by their age/weight and are selected to fight against another cow, in a field secured by a single line of rope for your safety!, locking heads and pushing each other, just like they do in the fields.


Combat de Reines (Fight of the Queens).

Cows are divided into for or six categories. Each category is based on the weight of the cow, eg group 1 from 550 kilograms through to 750 kilograms group 2 750 – 1000 etc. Cows must be between 3 and 11 years of age. The cows basically qualify for the final, and then move onto the next town to fight again. The winning cow is crowned the Queen! 




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